Location of the Museum

The perfect location for the planned "Museum Künstlerkolonie zum Schwarzen Haus in Solingen" is the historic site of the artists' colony, which would currently be available for the project. The half-timbered ensemble is connected to the former historic lead mine from the XVIII. Century in Solingen-Höhscheid, to which the half-timbered houses are in the immediate neighbourhood. It is an ensemble of 2 half-timbered houses and - somewhat off to the side - the former garden of the Artists' Colony, which, however, is currently not available for the project.

The museum project proposes to convert the residential and studio buildings of the Artists' Colony into a museum. The location in the countryside would create a museum jewel in the environs of Solingen, close to the surrounding metropolises of Düsseldorf and Cologne. Art and history would be combined in the picturesque atmosphere of the historic half-timbered houses.

Plans for the Museum of the Black House Artists' Colony in Solingen Höscheid

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