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We are pleased about people, institutions and companies who help us to advance the work for the museum project with a sponsoring membership, donations or endowments. The place where the Artists' Colony, which Erwin Bowien (1899-1972) founded in 1945 after his return from exile in Holland, was active is known as the "Black and Red House". There is now a unique opportunity to turn this property into a museum and a walk-in place. For many years, citizens interested in art have wanted a museum that presents the history of this unique Artists' Colony - in a lively and participatory way. The museum should not only document the history of the internationally active artists. It should also honour the local history in its own exhibition and offer people interested in history an insight into the region's industrial past. Please help us: So that the establishment of a museum in the historic properties at Neuenkamperstrasse 163 in Solingen can be successful.

In additional to donations and endowments, the museum project can also benefit from commercial PR Partnerships that successfully and sustainably document your commitment to sponsoring art and culture.

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