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Article about the Artists' Colony in Artprofil, 2022

Cristina Streckfuss: Artists' Colony and Contemporary Witness at the Same Time. The "Black House" in Solingen in art magazine Art Profil N° 148 - 2022

Article about the Artists' Colony in Artprofil, 2022
Artprofil Nr.148 von 2022 über die Künst
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Article aboutr Amud Uwe Millies in Artprofil, 2022


Luisa Reiblich: Amud Uwe Millies: A worldwide seeker and eternally travelling expressionist in art magazine Art Profil N° 147 - 2022

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Article about Erwin Bowien in Artprofil, 2021


Dr. Claudia Schöning - Kalendar : "The Black House" in Solingen: Fixed point of artistic and intellectual life in art magazine Art Profil N° 146 - 2022

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Article about Bettina Heinen-Ayech in Artprofil, 2021


Dr. Claudia Schöning - Kalender: : "Bettina Heinen-Ayech: Movement, Colour, Light. The artistic legacy of a painter in art magazine Art Profil N° 144 - 2021

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In 1932, the poet and writer Hanns Heinen (1895-1961) acquired a half-timbered ensemble consisting of two historic buildings in the Bergisch town of Solingen. In the larger of the two, the so-called "Black House", a literary salon was established at the impetus of the art-loving landlady - Erna Heinen-Steinhoff (1898-1969).

In 1945, the artist Erwin Johannes Bowien (1899-1972), who had returned from exile, was the first painter of the so-called " Artists' Colony" to move in. From then on, this house with the small studio next door, the so-called "Red House", became his permanent domicile until the mid-1960s, from which he wandered the entire Bergisches Land and captured it on canvas. After that, Erwin Bowien divided his life between Solingen and Weil am Rhein; numerous journeys through Germany with the main focus of his work: painting the Rhine river from its source to its mouth, with special attention to the great cathedrals of the Rhine. As a constant traveller, he also undertook extensive journeys to Switzerland and Norway.

He discovered the talent of his little roommate, the daughter of the house - Bettina Heinen-Ayech (1937-2020) - whom he systematically trained as an artist from 1950. From 1955, the Hamburg artist Amud Uwe Millies (1932-2008) joined him and became the third and last painter to move into the place. From 1969 to 1971, the sculptor Ernst Egon Osländer (1928-2015) lived and worked in the estate. The artist Bettina Heinen-Ayech was the last staying in the houses - until her death - where she worked in her German studio, alternating with her other place of residence in Guelma, Algeria.

Article about the Black House in the Solinger Tageblatt of 13.11.2021

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