The collections

The initiators of the museum have received binding guarantees that the planned museum will receive part of the original furniture of the house. Furthermore, there is a firm assurance from several patrons that the museum will receive an extensive collection of original artworks by the artists Bettina Heinen-Ayech (1937-2020), Erwin Bowien (1899-1972) and Amud Uwe Millies (1932-2008).

The profile of the collection can be described as follows: The earliest works, primarily oil paintings and pastels as well as graphite drawings by Erwin Bowien beginning in the 1920s and extending into the late 1960s, can be assigned to a late Post-Impressionism. Bettina Heinen-Ayech with her watercolours and Amud Uwe Millies with his oil paintings and pastels further develop classical modernism into a completely unique style of art in which new approaches to representational painting are developed. Something excitingly new was created here. In addition to the original works of art, the life of the Artists' Colony is documented through photographs, letters and manuscripts.

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